About Me

woodworkerMeet Chris Beahan, Woodworker and owner of CFB Creations.

My History

I have always enjoyed being a woodworker and building things ever since I can remember.  Although I may not be a professional, I enjoy it none the less.  I first started building things in my grandpa’s workshop when I was a little boy.  He would let me use his wood scraps and taught me how to use his scroll saw.  I made all kinds of gifts and toys from that scrap wood!

My Current Situation

Now I am an adult with a family of my own. I frequently create projects as gifts or something that  can improve our life.  I am active duty in the Air Force and have lived all over the world.  The thing about moving so much, is I have a limit to what type of work area I get.  Most of the places I live require me to constantly unpack all my tools out of a closet. Then I work right outside my front door. This means that I have to pack it all up at the end of the day and put it back. In essence, I do not get as much “shop time” as I would like to and my main tool is a Shop Smith Mark V because of the versatility it offers.  One of the hardest things I have to deal with is the language barrier.  I often find myself wandering the isles of hardware stores to look for things that I could find in minutes in the States.  The flip side of that, is I get to experience new things and different tools than what I am used to.

Stay Tuned!

I will try my hardest to keep this site and my YouTube channel up to date as time permits. My love for woodworking is going nowhere!  If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments please feel free to drop me a line.