Handwork in Wood



Handwork in Wood Foreword:

This Handwork in Wood book is intended primarily for teachers of woodwork, but the author hopes that there will also be other workers in wood, professional and amateur, who will find in it matter of interest and profit.

The successful completion of the book is due chiefly to the untiring assistance of my wife, Anna Gausmann Noyes, who has made almost all of the drawings, corrected the text, read the proof, and attended to numberless details.

Book Contents:

  • Logging
  • Sawmilling
  • The Seasoning and Measuring of Wood
  • Wood Hand Tools
  • Wood Fastenings
  • Equipment and Care of the Shop
  • The Common Joints
  • Types of Wooden Structures
  • Principles of Joinery
  • Wood Finishing


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