Wooden Magnetic Knife Holder

wooden magnetic knife holder
wooden magnetic knife holder

Over the years, my family has accumulated different knives. We do not have knife block for them all to fit in, so they have always been off to the side in one of our drawers. This is why I decided to make this wooden magnetic knife holder.

Building the wooden magnetic knife holder

knife holder stockI started with a one inch thick by half inch thick board. Then I used two pairs of pliers to remove the hard drive magnets from their backings. removing hard drive magnetsOnce I measured how long I wanted the magnetic knife holder to be, and how big the slot needed to be in order to hold the magnets, I marked off the area to be removed. It was an easy task with my router. I set the cutting depth to leave only about a quarter of an inch of material on the face. No guide was needed for this, because any imperfections would be out of sight on the back.routing out the groove I simply cut left and right until the area was hollowed out. Once the gouge was cleaned up with some sandpaper, it was time to prepare for glue up.

I have used two-part epoxy in the past to secure magnets. I found this method works really well. So, once again, I mixed up a couple of tubes of epoxy. I don’t know what brand they were because the writing is in Japanese. I’m sure it’s nothing of quality because it was purchased at the local Diaso (Japanese version of a dollar store).gluing the magnets in place
After the epoxy dried, I gave the knife holder a coat of boiled linseed oil. Then the project was done!wooden magnetic knife holder

I really like how this project turned out. It was a really quick and easy addition to make for our kitchen. The best part is that it serves to make our home a safer place.

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