How to Build a Standing Desk

Building a standing desk

I was commissioned to build a standing desk for two people at the same time.  I had never heard of a standing desk and was a little skeptical about them.  After I was asked to make them, I did some research about the health benefits of having one of these desks.  As it turns out, they can help you to stay healthy in several ways.  I won’t delve into that here, I’ll just get right to the build.  If you want to know more about these benefits just do a Google search.

Just like my last build, I first start by measuring and cutting out the top sections.  Then I cut out all of the frame pieces.  These all consist of 2×2 pine from my local hardware store.

standing-desk-1 building the standing desk

Once I have the pieces cut out, I stack them together to make sure I have everything I need to complete the project.  It was at this point that I realized that I made a mistake on a few pieces and had to redo them.  Once all of the parts are correct, the half laps can be cut out.  I use a stop block on my sled to make sure I can repeat the cuts multiple times.

standing-desk-3 standing-desk-4

All of these joints basically fit together like a puzzle.  Each one gets some glue and screws to hold it in place.  Finally, the tops are put into place.  For the tops, I chose to only use screws without glue.  This is because there is no structural advantage to adding glue here.

standing-desk-5 Building a Standing Desk

If you are wanting to see the full build, check out the video that I made for my YouTube Channel.  I also have other creations that I have made posted on my channel.  If you enjoy the content that I produce, please consider subscribing.  Additionally, I have a Facebook page that you can follow.

Video of me Building the Standing Desk: