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Whenever I have spare time, I like to find myself woodworking or creating something. There are many among us who feel the same way. If you have found this site, then chances are, you would also consider yourself a woodworker. This is the reason CFB Creations was “created”. It is designed to be a place where people can turn to in order find inspiration for their own projects, no matter the skill level of the viewer. Yes, we offer woodworking plans, but I have always found that one of the most amazing thing about premade plans, is that you can alter them to fit your specific desires. If the plans call for a dado, but you want to use dowels… go ahead and put those dowels in! Or of you want a cabinet where a shelf is designed to go… Then make it a cabinet! I really enjoy when I see someone working on a project a certain way and an idea springs to life in my head. If you want to experience that exhilarating feeling, then check out my woodworking blog or my YouTube channel and see how I arrive at my destinations. If you see a better or different way of doing something, leave a comment! Because there are many ways to transform a tree. The free-flow of information is what makes the woodworking community a blessing to be a part of. If you want to have your woodworking project featured on CFB Creations, contact me and we’ll figure out how to best do that. I believe that the future of our source of relaxation, therapy, and woodworking as a whole rests on our shoulders to pass on. Please, won’t you join me on this journey?

I will continue woodworking until I can’t!

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